Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Steadfast Love

Radiation treatment is over. And today, Jordan had a spinal MRI. Tests are not his favourite thing. Our daily trips to the cancer clinic are over. Yahoo!  We've been celebrating after each treatment this week with a trip to our favourite lakeside park.  Under the canopy of gorgeous willows the three of us have enjoyed reading and talking with the cooling breeze providing relief from the sudden heat wave.

There are moments when it all seems so previous summers.  All that is missing are the Frisbees, badminton racquets, and swim suits.

In nine days Jordan will turn 15.  My dad was miraculously awakened from a tetanus coma when he was 14.  He was one in three Canadians who survived that year.  We believe this is part of Jordan's inheritance.  And now my father is part of that great cloud of witnesses cheering us on....

For all those contending with us for Jordan's complete restoration - Plan A - what Jesus paid for, thank you.  God's steadfast love is mirrored in you.  We've had several friends who have been over to lay on hands this week.  As a family, we are constantly reminded that we are NOT alone.