Sunday, 22 April 2012


Well the VAD is out!  Good Riddance!  I know I am using a lot of exclamations marks but I am writing this when I’m angry.  Not about the trip or the procedure – I’m grateful for all of that.  I am just furious that after a great morning and okay afternoon, the nausea dominated Jordan’s evening and resulted in violent spews.  How does one recover from being ambushed?  And even though I am not my son, his suffering affects me.  One of Jordan’s teachers who has been through cancer and its treatment I assume) called it an evil beast.  Yup and I want this beast slain.

The morning was wonderful partly because Jordan’s procedure was over.  The VAD that had never sat well on top of his chest.  The surgeon was thoughtful, reassuring and so kind.  He was determined to get it out yesterday so that Jordan would not have to endure another day of not being able to eat (pre-surgery prep) – which seemed to trigger his nausea non-stop.  After waiting in emergency for 6 hours, Jordan was in and out and it was over. 

Jordan’s sense of humor and politeness – even when he was in obvious discomfort was commented on by several staff.  He came out of the anaesthetic singing J

This morning we discovered the False Creek Dog Park in Vancouver.  While Jordan and I were given the unexpected gift of flight home by Hope Air, Kim drove the mountains with Tucker beside him.  Accent Inn is dog friendly so we brought the best medicine we had at hand.  Back to the Dog Park.  Seriously the prettiest dog park we could imagine…..a waterfall, a creek, ringed by forest with spring flowers in adorable clusters.  Jordan played with the puppies and looked strong and happy.  We pointed out to Tucker how other dogs fetch.

It’s important to remember the good moments ….