Sunday, 15 April 2012

Looking Forward

Today was pretty special for me.  In our family gathering this morning I asked for courage to go to the hospital to pray for a teenage boy I had heard about.  I just didn't want to renter the hospital environment yet.  Little bit of trauma left I guess.  And I don't know this family personally and I didn't want to create extra stress.  It all is so close.   Jordan reached over to me and prayed for me and then offered to come with.  I was so proud of him. Kim and I sat by and watched him truly minister with compassion and confidence that paralysis and pain is not God's intent for this young man.

We are waiting on Jordan's passport, which expired in February, since the Children's Wish Foundation has approved us for a family trip. Never imagined we'd be a family to qualify for this.  Jordan's first choice would be a Hawaiian cruise the second week of May through the islands with sightseeing tours of waterfalls and volcanos.  We'd like to take it is soon as the arrangements can be made since Matthew has a job as a Program Director at a summer camp in Saskatchewan that would have begun May 1st.  He took it with the understanding that he'd need time for this trip before officially beginning.

What we are actually most looking forward to is attending a seminar the 26th to the 28th of April in San Diego as a family.  Matthew and Joel have their last exams completed the 25th so we're hoping to fly them from Regina on points (a friend has offered us a donation of points for one free flight - we are very grateful).  The free 3 day teaching is provided by John G Lake ministries and trains believers to use the authority Jesus gave them to "lay hands on the sick and they will recover".  While we've been so impacted by the teaching we want to go down and experience it first hand. There really aren't any lengths you wouldn't go to for the life of your child.

P.S. We have updated the side bar on how you can help now that we are no longer living at the hospital.