Sunday, 8 April 2012

Risen Indeed

Jordan is working on getting his weight up - just not hungry yet, and the nausea has held on. This morning he suggested with a smile that we pray for an appetite, so we did. He stayed over a 100 pounds through the last few weeks - but just. I told him we would stop hassling him to eat once he was above 110. I don't ever remember pushing my sons to eat.

Yesterday, we skipped stones on the beach in Peachland and lay on the rocks. Something precious about the combination of water, sun, and love.

And we celebrated an extra component in the Easter weekend at the Unrau home this year ... Friday was "by His stripes we are healed and by His blood we are saved". Saturday was "Anticipation and Expectation". And today was, "It is all True! He is Risen". Our celebrations were far more sober than other years. It feels  like we are living Saturday over and over again ... between the cross and resurrection. Our lives are actually counting on these truths.