Thursday, 5 April 2012

All In

Throughout this journey, we have felt that we have been facing impossible choices as parents. After having followed the medical plan for the last three months, their prognosis is not hopeful. They are projecting a very limited life span after putting Jordan through multiple surgeries and extended chemo. In light of their prognosis, they have given us the option to bring Jordan home and discontinue their protocol. Needless to say, this was a shocking revelation for us. We didn't know that the odds were so poor. All along, we knew it was life threatening along with difficult treatments but the last consultation took us somewhat by surprise.

So, we have been quiet because we have been in shock and it took some time for us to decide what to do. We are thankful for a very understanding Oncologist who provided the options without judgement. 

For months, we struggled through the recommended treatments from one of the best medical communities in Canada while placing our hope in the finished work of Jesus. Now our hope lies in the finished work of Jesus alone. So now we're home with no plans to return to the hospital apart from a scan every few months.

We know that Jesus paid for and delivered Jordan’s healing. The scans show that the cancer has diminished significantly. Thank you Jesus! We want the full result which means the mass above his right knee must go, his leg must strengthen and the cancerous cells cease to multiply in his leg, spine and arm.

Jordan’s response has been, “It’s a relief to trust in God alone”. So, whereas it felt that we had two feet in two different canoes, we are now “all in” for trusting the promises of Christ.  We’re holding onto Plan A because with God, all things are possible.