Saturday, 14 April 2012

Daisies on my porch

Arrived home from being out with my mom to find some dear friends had planted my favorite daisies in our pots on the front steps. How did they know? I find myself wondering if I was ever so thoughtful and generous to others when they were hurting as others have been us now. Since our world has been turned upside down Kindness just makes me cry whether it's in an email or a gift or a cheque or an act of service. Sometimes it still feels as if we are in a little bubble and soo alone and then..kindness arrives. I do think we could write a book on how to love those in distress based on our amazing experiences.

Jordan is pretty frustrated with his VAD - the device still implanted in his chest for intravenous lines. In speaking with our nurse in Vancouverr, if it is causing him discomfort, they may remove it and it probably could be done in Kelowna. That would be so great...

We reduced nausea medication today by a 1/3 and Jordan is doing okay. Still asking for prayer throughout the day. But I hear him whistling, humming and singing - Truly beautiful sounds.

In many ways life is really simple right now. The things that distracted us in 2011 seem so trivial.