Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Coming Together

The day started with a convertable ride in a friend's car to Jordan's favourite breakfast place - IHOP or as our family says, "not so much I-HOP, more like I Barely Move" - since we usually eat too much. :-)  And Jordan ate!  In fact, he didn't awaken with nausea!  Oh thankyou for praying.  He was hilarious as he recounted a skit from one of his favourite comedian, Brian Regan, on the topic of emergency wards and pain medication.  And then a trip to Toys R Us...how fun!

Then bloodwork at the hospital - not so much fun. And a new doctor's consult on getting Jordan's VAD out before we leave for California so he is more comfortable.  In ends up we're going to head to Vancouver this weekend to get the device out at BC Children's.  We had hoped to get it done here, but there are no openings until mid-May. We'll head down Friday and show up Saturday morning in emergency where we wait for an opening.  It could even be bumped to Sunday but we'll pray for early Saturday so Jordan has more time to recouperate. So many are looking our for his best.

I had an appointment this afternoon and needed to give an update on Jordan's condition.  I was very conscious that I had a choice as to what report I can provide.  God's perspective or man's.  I know that Jesus never told someone it wasn't God's will to heal them or it wasn't the right time. He healed everyone who came to them whether they had faith or not.  We just keep speaking LIFE into Jordan's body... the Life of Christ.

Kim spent hours scheduling our flights - thank you friends who gave us points! Matthew will have to drive to Saskatoon the day after exams to catch his flight and will miss the first day of the seminar but we're so jazzed we'll all be together. We're still waiting on the confirmation of the Hawaiian Dream Cruise of Jordan's but we're just moving ahead since the points seats were diaappearing.  Joel got the last seat out on his flight.  We are pooped emotionally but oh soo grateful.