Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Breathe - Believe - Battle

I think I'd like to add a byline to Jordan's Healing.  It would be the motto from the US woman's beach volleyball team,  "Breathe - Believe - Battle".

Yesterday was an incredible incremental day.  When Jordan awoke I could see that overnight his lower leg and foot were no longer swollen.  He wore his sneakers for the first time in over a month - just because he could.  His meds have been cut by 2/3 since mid June and he is feeling good. Then to top it off, he exclaimed half way through the day that he could feel his muscle flex behind his knee - something he hadn't been able to feel for many weeks.  The swelling has receded another .4 cm.  We freaked out and cheered wildly thanking God each time and throughout the day.

During an evening Skype message to Matthew, Jordan began to grab at his knee and gasp. A pain just came out of no where and grabbed him.  With tears streaming, he begged for prayer...meds just take awhile to kick in and Jordan has asked for prayer first ever since he was a baby. His leg flushed red and his whole body began writhing. We hadn't seen that in a long time and we prayed....he slept well through the night.

I'd like to share with you an excerpt from an email I received last week from Kim's eldest brother.  He was biking from Huntington Beach, CA to San Diego, CA - his very own olympics that would take him about 8 hours.  "I have found that it is easy to grow weary in praying the same thing for Jordan month after month. There are few things as repetitive as pedaling a bike but each of the thousands of pushes are required to get to the destination.  Today as I pedal there will be times when I feel great energy and times when I feel like giving up just like I do in prayer. Jesus told us to "pray and not give up" (Luke 18:1). I am praying and will not give up."

Jordan in the Team GB T-shirt our dear friends sent from England.