Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hey Hey

The mass was down .6 cm Sunday. All in one night!  Kim measured twice and then compared the tape with another tape.  Only 15.4 cm to go!  We have little blue marker lines around the largest part of the reducing mass to keep accurate measurement.  The night before he had such ridiculous pain.  From sorrow to joy.

Matthew is arriving tomorrow morning - crazy flights with air miles so he will be ready for a sleep.  Joel arrives late Friday evening and that means we will have 3 1/2 days all together.  I'm taking it as our 25th anniversary gift.  Just to be together.

Jordan's one desire is to go floating down the Penticton channel with everyone, including Tucker.  Something we've done every year since moving to the Okanagan.  Go FUNRAU’s!

While I was preparing dinner I saw it in my spirit. I saw Jordan's high school convocation play out before my eyes.  He kind of half-skipped across the platform to receive his diploma and a cheer rose up from those of us that love him , "Yay God!"  He gets all the glory!