Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Good Times

What a blast the Penticton Channel turned out to be.  Who knew that ducks like Salt and Vinegar chips?  Who knew that crutches could be so versatile?  And who knew Tucker would turn out to be such a water dog?

The day took a while to warm up.  Morning began with our family gathering,  so good to pray, encourage, laugh and share together...all of us.   Jordan was able to pray for his older brothers for a change.  When we arrived at the Channel, the station for filling our mattress and boats was closed down for a city triathlon.  We had crazy times filling them up (thank you Karen and Lance for the loan of your boats) at the Canadian Tire station, stacking and tying them on the car roof.
Joel spent most of his time in the water, rescuing, and keeping us together.  My mom joined us for the second year and I loved watching the grandsons she used to take such sweet care of giving attention to her needs and comfort.

The next night was filled with raucous laughter when we had a family games night complete with extended family.  Afterwards Matt and Joel kept us entertained with their camper stories.  Good thing Joel gains energy from being with kids.  He will need to if he is to pursue Elementary Education.  Matt seemed to love the organizing and leadership aspects for camp programming. Good thing for business if he pursues that after graduation this spring. Sounds like they really had each other's back this summer - good to know after watching them wrestle out their childhood and teen years together.

Then high school registration yesterday morning.   Good news - Jordan gets an elevator key for safer access to the second floor, the administration is very supportive, most classes he desired worked out.  Tough news - only one class each semester with a close friend.  We'll see who God puts in the other classes....just such a wild ride.   It was emotional in the car on the way to our meeting with the school counsellor.  It is a big deal - it is a huge step of faith.  One week today Jordan will have a full day of high school...if he is up for it.  He agreed to give the smaller private school a quick tour - just because we'd like him to know he has options.

Last night was tough again pain-wise.  But we are not relenting because God didn't relent. He went to the endth His Son to rescue us.  Going to bed, I found myself saying "I will not be intimidated".  "Greater is He who is within us than he that is in the world."