Monday, 6 August 2012

Little by Little

I overheard Jordan's phone conversation with a friend and his response to a question that must have been about our trip.  "It really wasn't a vacation, more of a business trip.  And the business was to get healed."

Yesterday Jordan's leg was down .1 cm and Jordan cheered.  It was a day with sharp pains and today, struggles with nausea but his spirits are great.  For our Sunday morning gathering, he chose to bring thankfulness.  We each thanked God out loud for the many gifts He has given us in people, things and decrease in Jordan's leg.  Not surprisingly, Tucker ended up in the list. Seriously, that dog gets more affirmation than an Olympic athlete.

Watching the Olympics together we have noticed the emphasis on those athletes that have overcome significant obstacles in order to compete in the games.  It's all a part of their story.

Listened to a great message today that spoke right to the fearful "what ifs" that menace our peace - Stephen Furtick from Elevation Church.  It is on my list of favourites along with one of his quotes "Fear is misplaced faith".  Here’s the link if you are interested: