Sunday, 12 August 2012

Catching Up

I'm typing this out in our backyard where I have dreaded sitting since everywhere I looked there was work to be done.  My amazing cousin and family from Calgary stopped by yesterday - on their vacation, in 33 degree (91 degrees Fahrenheit) sunny weather - to practically love us by cleaning up our bushes and vines.  So now I am not dreading it.  Tucker and I are loving it out here.  Yahoo summer!

Kim and I went on a long overdue date last night while friends from Victoria hung out with Jordan.  It was an outdoor theatre production set in the Depression.  Sitting in the bleachers, munching on cashews and popcorn, I felt normal.  On our ride home, Kim and I talked about our reaction to one young man in a wheel chair in the audience. Where in the past it would have been simply an observation, this time, it struck us both as just not right.  I'm not okay with sickness, disease, infection or whatever doesn’t fit with, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven”.  I've experienced it up close for too long and acceptance just isn't part of the equation for Kim or me any longer.

Jordan really wants to return to school in September.  Being our youngest, he has always been sensitive to feeling behind.  Other than Math, he is good to go.  But as a mother, I want to guarantee he is ready for high school emotionally and physically and mentally.  His well-being still seems so tenuous.

His meds are down significantly...yet there are still moments of cramps or pain or nausea.  The swelling is down a full 2 cm from 2 weeks ago.  For our American family and friends that isn't quite an inch.  And he has 17 more cm to go. Manoeuvring on crutches in crowded halls without us acting as personal body guards is just one of the details that get my mind going. So Jordan needs to be off crutches by Sept 4th.

How realistic is that?  If we look at his progress thus far - not very.  If we look to His Creator, Saviour, Healer - no problem. So practical or not, we will do the latter.  It's time for this healing to speed up.