Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fresh Start

What a ride the last few days have been!  All systems were go with Jordan's decreasing needs for meds. And then Saturday, a 4 am hit - starting with ridiculous pain and finishing with gut-wrenching nausea.  We hadn't seen anything to that degree in months. And then six hours later, it was a summer storm that just abruptly halts and all that is left is the dripping of the leaves. Jordan's smile and colour returned.  He started cracking jokes and we went for a family boat ride - no problem.

I just end up feeling like a wrung out wet noodle.  Jordan is praising God and thanking Him all afternoon and into the evening while I can't seem to get past the shock of what just happened.  I needed the time on the lake between rocky hills to decompress.  All my men in one boat.  Matthew and Joel, tanned and handsome relaxing from an action-packed summer.  Kim reading behind the wheel and Jordan stretched out on the seats with pillow and Tucker. A good moment.

Today we hit the Penticton Channel with our floaties - Tucker included of course. Originally the forecast was for a cold weekend but now today is the hottest of the week.  Thank you God.

Tomorrow morning we register Jordan for grade 10 at the largest school he has ever attended.  We gave him the options weeks ago.  Online homeschooling was all right out - which surprised me.  Smaller private school - nope.  Jordan wanted to attend the school he would have if he had not been diagnosed in January.  What a kid!  So we have a lot to work out tomorrow morning with the school counsellor.

We are seeking to live as if Jesus has already won the victory. Cause He has!

This morning I awoke to quiet.  A fresh start.