Friday, 24 February 2012


Today this all seems too familiar. The nausea, the pain, the frustration. Jordan has been powering through to eat more with the threat of a feeding tube hanging over him. And he did have a great peaceful 2 hour nap this afternoon. While he slept I watched him and he had color in his cheeks...he appeared whole and healthy...and then he awoke. Smiles are more grimaced and distractions don't hold. I don't really like sharing the unresolved challenges but they are very real. The staff are throwing every drug known to work on nausea at him and nothing seems to help. I often feel on high alert - like the meerkats in Lion King - and it takes awhile to relax. None of us really know how to navigate all this.

It was great to have Kim join us this evening..though the roads were treacherous in points, he made it here in great time. A sight for sore eyes with his brand new haircut. He'll return Sunday night for his last 3 days to finish a contract. It would be great if we could fly home by then. Every 3 months Hope Air flies the patient and companion home for free. Somebody was thinking. It takes a bit of the pressure off....once again, why did we sell our private jet :-)

Matthew will arrive home from college for his reading week on Monday. Joel follows Thursday since they are attending different schools this year. They haven't seen their little brother since this all started. Jordan saw the specialist the day Matthew and Joel drove back to Saskatchewan from Christmas break. Some dear friends are flying them home to optimize our time together. What a gift. Matthew will be here to celebrate Kim's birthday on the 28th and Joel will celebrate my birthday on March 5th - so fun!