Thursday, 9 February 2012

Moving Pains

Today is such a strange day.  We should be celebrating that Jordan can most probably be released from the hospital this afternoon before his next scheduled treatment Monday.  The twist is that he has a cough and that means we need to move out of Ronald McDonald House.  It has been such a wonderful haven.  So, besides needing to do the laundry and clean the room, we need to move all our belongings from both RMH and the hospital room.  We'll need to rent a vehicle so do we just drive to Kelowna?  Probably not with Jordan's unpredictable health.  Too long a drive with restrooms sometimes several hours apart. Just so many weird decisions to make just to live.  And through it all, we're believing for the healing we haven't seen yet....anything less is giving in for us as a family.
This morning Jordan was in a lot of intestinal pain - all the meds - doubled over gasping pain.  We prayed.   Jordan is thankful that this last half hour has been pain free.  Thank you Jesus.