Friday, 3 February 2012

Jordan's Request

What a day!  Who knew I had the best bed in the world!  No, really, I do!

Jordan's request:  Don't feel pity for him.  When you think of him...just speak healing over his body in Jesus' name.  And then you can go back to life.  And when you think of him again, speak healing and tell the pain and disease to go.  Doesn't have to be fancy or long.

Oh and he does enjoy the gifts.  :-)

Nice hey?  And he'd like you to know if you see him with his new hairdo...he's still Jordan.

We have seen Jordan smile more today than in a month...what a day!
We are getting better and better at receiving as a family.  Kim jokes that he was always good at receiving.
I just wrote to my friend - no matter what the "facts" say, God has the last say.