Saturday, 11 February 2012

Outpouring Of Love

Hi folks,
Cheryl Molenaar here again.
I wanted to give a report to those of you who are interested in knowing how the fundraiser went last night.
Over 200 people came out for an incredible evening. Here are some highlights:

  • Lots of united praise and intercession for what God is able to do.
  • People watched a 2 minute video of Jordan and Kim (thanks Jordan!)
  • Jordan's grandpa gave a greeting and thanks from his heart to all.
  • One of the songs that Graham Ord  sang was about 2 C's. Christ and Cancer. Everyone came into agreement that only 1 was getting Jordan. Powerful.
  • A group of people from Trinity Baptist Church brought wonderful homemade refreshments for all. Their motto is: Love God. Love Others. Change the world through Christ. You are living it.
  • 4 Bands played incredibly. Windfall Prophet,  Andrew and Zack Smith, Norm Strauss and Graham Ord. They poured out their faith and prayers through worship on behalf of the family. The talent in these bands is absolutely incredible! 
  • Team Jordan was there selling T-shirts. If you want to know more about that.. click here and read about these amazing young leaders.
  • Andrew and Zack Smith were one of the bands. Zack faced cancer as a young boy and is walking in full healing today. They testified and were reminded of the journey they faced. They are survivors and a testimony to the power of believers coming together and in faith, praying for healing.
  • Hands in Service was there to receive names of volunteers who would like to support the Unrau's by offering housecleaning. I love their motto, it fits for us all.... Love. Gives. Back.
  • Mark Gordon, Pastor of The Bridge Church offered their facilities and mc'd the event. He and Dave Anthony spearheaded this entire evening. Dave Anthony is the one who wrote : Stuck on Love, the theme of the evening. Thanks guys for creating a great opportunity for all to gather together in love.
  • Final point : OVER $16,000 was raised and more is still pouring in!!! 
The kingdom of God is rallying. We are being known by our love. Thank you to all who laboured for this.

Thank you to all of you, who have been unable to attend, but have sent in cards of encouragement and gifts to the Unrau's. You have lightened the load, have helped to bear their burden

To know and to tangibly feel that you are not alone, is SUCH a massive blessing and carries with it a long term message that He and we are with them.

To Him be the glory in the church (us).