Thursday, 23 February 2012


So much to be grateful for....
  1. Jordan's right leg is down 3 cm! Meaning tumour is shrinking - part of the chemo process. We want it all gone in Jesus name! 
  2. Jordan was bouncing around with energy and eating almost everything offered. 
  3. His VAD accessing (placing intravenous lines into his chest) was less traumatic this time - almost a non-event. 
  4. Mail and packages awaited us when we stopped by Ronald McDonald House on the way to the hospital - so fun! Thank you to all who sent cards and packages! 
  5. Really helpful West Jet staff that made the trip to Kelowna process easier even though there was just the two of us 
  6. Sister in law, Denise came to visit and help us make the hospital room homey - posters up, quilt on the bed, treats :-) 
  7. A room with a view of the sky and not a wall. 
  8. Knowing this will end.
  9. Being able to count on a very very big God

Here are a few prayer requests for today:

Treatment appears to be affecting Jordan's vision and heart and most often comes with severe nausea.

Please join us in praying the negative effects of chemo would be reversed and his body be completely and miraculously restored!

Hugs to all,