Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Coming Home

Jordan's blood counts are way up - to the point where they wanted to send us home today. We couldn't get all our stuff packed fast enough. So we are booked to fly home tomorrow afternoon (Thursday). We are very thankful. At one point today after being released from the hospital, Jordan just jumped up and grabbed his crutches and started to walk around saying, "It's so great to be able to move without being attached to those IV tubes".

In the midst of all this, Jordan is still struggling with pain and nausea and it seems to increase as the day wears on. It is so confusing for him and often seems too much to bear.  We're so grateful not to bear this alone. We are believing and speaking complete healing to Jordan's body - which includes the eradication of pain and nausea.

Jordan is excited about a few things: being home, sitting on our family room carpet, lego in the bedroom, our own fridge, our dog Tucker, being near friends and family and after living in Ronald McDonald house, mom and dad are happy not have to sanitize the bathroom after every use....:-)