Monday, 13 February 2012

One Day at a Time

Today, we returned to the hospital to begin the third round of chemo. Even though we know our way around the halls and faces are becoming familiar, none of us want to be here and we are agreeing for full healing. The weekend was ok. We enjoyed not having to say good-bye at night and several hours of Jordan being pain and nausea-free.  Yet we are seeking not to fix our eyes on the symptoms or diagnosis, but on Jesus and His finished work.
Man I wish I could teach math.  Shakespeare is fun for me but math - sheesh.  I think it stresses Jordan out more than he realizes, feeling behind in school.  He has been encouraged to wait until he feels a bit better but those times so far have just come and gone in spurts.
Once again, the kindness of family, friends and new friends continues to touch us deeply.  Just to know we're being considered....amazing to be on such a loving receiving end.  Even when we need to decline or take rain checks, the offer means so much.
Our world can feel so small at isolated and then we step outside.  The world keeps going.