Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Whatever Comes

Okay, you have to download the song "Whatever Comes" by Brian Doerksen and Steve Mitchinson.
Right now, it's all about keeping our eyes on Him...staying grateful for the many blessings of people and things....and getting ready for the new bald look.  Previously, hats haven't been a part of Jordan's wardrobe.  So far the funnest one came from friends in Abbotsford -it looks like a mafia-style black hat - that and the whoopie cushion were big hits.  We saw two of Jordan's doctors today and gave them the Team Jordan shirts. They loved them...of course, they're soft and they declare the might of God :-)
Today Jordan ate!!! Yahoo!  Even ordered his favourite burger - the White Spot Legendary.  Jordan will make a wonderful wealthy person some day...he is becoming accustomed to staff .  We can`t even keep up with their names any more.
In some ways, we're reminded of being parents of an infant - you are glued to what they eat, void, how they sleep, and even watch their breathing when they're sleeping - easier to do when you're in the same room.
The short time in Kelowna was vital and challenging....again, we're not the same. We were, for the most part, home bodies. And tho it was so difficult to return here, home seems closer.
I was reminded again this weekend of the believers standing shoulder to shoulder with us for Jordan`s complete recovery.  So grateful...