Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Living a dream

This morning Jordan and I woke up in our own beds.  With the support of several incredible people and the healing power of God, we made it home for Kim's 48th birthday on the 6:30pm flight.

From Sunday night to Tuesday morning Jordan had not been able to keep anything down for more than a few hours.  The nausea was like a living, breathing enemy that we had no weapons left to fight against.  And yet Jordan kept asking for prayer - out loud and agreeing with me.  What a pair!  And because of confusion regarding Jordan's cough - it wasn't contagious - we had to stay in a hotel room.

Once again Kim felt a million miles away, helpless.  And once again, Denise, my wonderful sister-in-law, ministered mercy by way of bringing Gatorade and Popsicles and various dehydration deterrents along with emotional support. She also showed up yesterday morning to say she felt optimistic that by evening Jordan would be ready to fly.  I rode on that optimism and we packed up everything in faith even though at that point Jordan couldn't sit up for more than a few seconds know.  We headed to the clinic to have Jordan re accessed and hydrated. The nurses and doctors were determined to get us home to family.

 The morning was still really rocky but by noon, he was keeping down liquids and asking for food.  Apparently when a chemo patient is hungry, you can get them anything they want.  Well we had crackers and plenty of them so nibble by nibble Jordan ate a ton.

Denise arrived to pick us up with gifts and letters from RMH and we made our way through check in only for me to suddenly remember to my horror that in the bustle to leave, I had left Jordan's incredibly expensive medication ($2000) in the refrigerator at the hospital.  It seemed that angels were suddenly every where in the form of West Jet attendants, taxi-drivers, security, and in the end 2 wildly wonderful nurses who decided it was faster if they left work and delivered it to me.  So much kindness I am completely overwhelmed.  I still cry thinking about how individuals moved heaven and earth to cover for my forgetfulness and to care for Jordan.

And then to hug Matthew, our oldest at the airport....all 6'7" of him...all healthy and strong. He hasn't seen Jordan since this all began so wonderful friends flew him home during Reading Week.  Joel will arrive tomorrow and we'll be together.  Like a dream!