Saturday, 11 February 2012

Feeeelin the Love!

So yea, we are a little overwhelmed by the love from the benefit concert last night. We've heard and seen snippets that make us smile. Sounds like Father was near and faith was high. Amazing. The financial assistance is incredible. It helps in so many ways. I may not take public transit next time I go on an errand. Always wanted to rent a Ferrari.

The prayers of faith and agreement are the most precious thing to us. We are convinced that prayer is the change agent. One of our friends has said, "This is the year we learn to command". Couldn't agree more.

You have to see one of the gifts Jordan received... I may have to play it a bit so that I can show Jordan how it works.
A mint custom Fender Telecaster!

So, to Dave who listened and obeyed, to the bands, poster maker, sound guy and MCs, to the givers and the prayers, the bakers and the organizers: Thank You! We are not alone.

After a rougher morning, Jordan is snacking, smiling, moving around and loving it. We are thankful. So thankful.