Friday, 10 February 2012

What are we focusing on?

So what do we focus on when we sit in a little hotel room, waiting for Jordan to develop an appetite or feel the energy to do something beyond laying and sitting?

His next scheduled chemo appointment is Monday.

We just want to rent a car and drive to California.

So we're grateful for the ability to open the window to get fresh air - can't do that in a hospital room. We're glad Jordan could have a bath unhooked from his intravenous lines.
We're a little stunned that there is a concert planned for tonight to gather those who would pray and bless our family...would love to hop our private jet to attend - we love these musicians and their music - and we'd love to just get out of the one room living experience. :-)
Can you tell I have a bit of cabin fever?
So we're left with the option of focusing on what we have not yet seen with our eyes or focusing on what He has asked us to see - His kingdom come, His will be done. We choose to keep bringing our wandering eyes back to Him. Oh gotta run....Jordan thinks he could eat some chicken strips! Yahoo!