Friday, 2 March 2012


Yesterday I walked about for the first half of the day somewhat traumatized.  It was if I was coming off the adrenaline high of the last few days/weeks.  And I couldn't get some of the images of Jordan in agony out of my mind/heart.  I was a beaten woman.  And then, the loving of my mom, the sensitivity of my husband and eldest son and the request of Jordan to go to Jesus to find peace (since apparently I wasn't hiding my pain very well) was like salve on my wounds.
And last night, just going over Scripture with Matt and Kim on healing and the power of God.  I am restored.   Joel was scheduled to fly in last night at 10pm from college so we could all be together for two full days before Matt returns to school.  His flight was delayed on the ground in Regina so he missed his flight in Calgary.  They put him up in a hotel and was rescheduled to fly in this morning at 8:15, then 9:20, then 10, then 11:00, then 11:16.  Frustrating for him...and yet somehow, it made Kim and I both think at the same time last night that these delays in the natural seem to mirror the delays we are experiencing in the supernatural with Jordan's healing.  The delays are real and frustrating.  In Jordan's case - excruciating!  But healing is ours and as sure as Joel has landed just now - Jordan's healing is sure. Because God's Word is true.