Monday, 26 March 2012

One Day at a Time

I flew in from Texas this morning. It was a great trip with fantastic connections and truth.
Darlene and I met with the oncologist today to discuss the results of the PET scan – which she said were dramatic (in a positive way). The cancerous cells have significantly decreased and are not spreading and for that we are very grateful. She also had some more information about the longer term prognosis that was quite sobering. We are meeting with the surgeon next Monday to hear what he has to say.
Jordan started and finished round 6 of chemo as well today.  That’s a hard hospital form to sign. We know it’s the best the medical community has. But the effects are brutal.
Our emotions are all over the place, which is why we don’t live on a foundation of our emotions. We live on a foundation of truth and love. We live by faith and not by sight. We don’t deny the facts, but the facts must submit to the truth. Truth wins. Jesus wins. All other ground is sinking sand.