Friday, 16 March 2012

Keep Those Good Reports Coming!

More good news today from the room next to us on the ward. The 12 year old who has been in the hospital for over a year with a brain tumour had a recent MRI scan and "the doctors were very surprised" with the sudden shrinkage of the tumour. They are looking to maybe two more chemo rounds and then be done. Soo great. When Kim asked the mom about it she said that she believed prayer made the difference. Our friends from Texas had prayed with them when they visited, along with us.

Jordan's counts look good so who knows, maybe we'll be driving home tomorrow morning. Not easy to plan.  In fact, there are times like today when I can't quite imagine what life is like outside of what we're experiencing. This is so all-encompassing.  Looking forward is tricky.

Yesterday a new friend delivered a week's worth of homemade food and snacks on behalf of friends in Abbotsford. She had lived in the hospital for 3 months. I had no idea there was this alternate reality that so many are dealing with and have had to deal with. But we're being loved both by those who "get it" and those who can only "imagine it".