Monday, 12 March 2012

What a sound!

The sound of teenage boys laughing, cheering, being silly and being so creative with playing games is filling our home, and at points, our lawn with the best sounds you can imagine.  I ended up recording the sound for later joy.  So grateful - so thankful - so blessed for Jordan to have such great friends.  Most of them have been friends since we moved to Kelowna 11 years ago.  Jordan woke this morning to declare he was feeling good enough to host a board game party this afternoon.  Well, he's still feeling great into the evening so I've put some pizzas into the oven and it's feeling to me like old times.  Thank you Jesus.

AND a friend stopped by with a gift accompanying some wonderful news.  Her niece's infant has been on the same floor as Jordan this past month with cancerous tumours.  We and others commanded cancer and tumors to leave.  And the latest report from the doctors is that "They've never seen anything like it"  The tumours have shrunk so dramatically that they're retesting.
May that be true of the entire floor of children - including Jordan - that the physicians declare "They've never seen anything like it!"