Wednesday, 14 March 2012

So Blessed

Good News! Jordan has gained 10 pounds since he was last weighed at the hospital. Sad News...we're back at the hospital. Jordan and I flew and Kim made the 4 hour drive through the mountains. The weather was great so that made for an enjoyable ride. Our flight was turbulent and triggered Jordan's nausea so Jordan had me praying him through it out loud on the plane. So glad it's just a 45 minute flight. When I asked him how he was doing with the thought of leaving home again, he answered that he's not found it helpful to anticipate negative things...sheesh. Jordan is taking it all better than we are. His common remark is "I'm so blessed". And then he proceeds to recount the blessings that have popped into his mind. Again reminded of all the wonderful family and friends (new and old) who are praying. We are so rich. Thank you.