Friday, 16 March 2012

Two C Words

Hi friends, Cheryl Molenaar here.

Thanks for continuing to pray, send cards and gifts and encouragement and faith towards the Unraus. It is felt in a great way. Last week we had the opportunity to see Jordan. He looked great, and was smiling up a storm, enjoying home, his family and friends and his own bed!!!

Back in February, we let you know about the fundraiser and the outpouring of love that occurred that night. . If you can't remember, click here to read about it.

That night, Graham Ord (one of the musicians) brought forward a song that he had written just for Jordan and his journey. I wanted to share the story of this song with you and invite you to share it with others. You can purchase this song right on Graham Ord's website and all proceeds of the sale of the song will go to the Unrau's until we hear of Jordan's complete healing.

Here's the story:

Make sure you go to Graham's site to read more about his heart on this song.
Here it is. Enjoy!