Saturday, 17 March 2012

Road Trip

We've spent the day waiting on Jordan's counts to come down enough to leave the hospital. In order not to do damage to his organs, they flush his system with saline. This means throughout the night he's awakened to use the bathroom and walking around with one of those IV poles. But now we're flying along the TransCanada heading home listening to worship music LOUDLY and praying LOUDLY since we can. The sky is filled with clouds and the sun is shining. Snow on the mountains beckon us to cross. We haven't attempted this before with Jordan's nausea but he really wants to go home and he wants to drive. The big PET scan comes up on Wed am and we're expecting good things. But of course the intimidating thoughts threaten. Right now I am just loving being with my men. Jordan's faith is so humbling for me to witness. He is not bitter or angry or feeling sorry for himself. That is supposed to be the description of an average teenage boy. We are asking outrageous things and believing God meant it when He said "Ask". We had a family trip planned for the end of April when Matt and Joel are finished their school year. We're asking to be able to go....with Jordan healthy...walking and leaping and praising God. The doctors have prescribed a minimum of 10 months of chemo with surgeries throughout. We are 2 and 1/2 months into it and we've had enough. We're ready for our miracle.