Sunday, 25 March 2012


These last few days have been so great for Jordan's body and soul. For 2 days he's had virtually no nausea - incredible! One of the RMH managers stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Jordan's smile...she said she hadn't seen it before and it was fantastic! It was so fun to watch Jordan's sense of humor return with a vengeance. One night we had a non-creepy clown come to the house and mesmerize the kids with his balloon creations - anything they asked for - whole costumes - created a party atmosphere and gave Jordan an opportunity to connect with a few of the guys who have been here long term. Today we were able to visit Jordan's uncle and aunt's farm with virgin forest, ponds and trails. My heart hurt when at one point he wanted to go home. He said it was hard to see something so beautiful, want to explore it and not be able to...and not know when he will be able to. The sorrow is deep - he can't run away from his body. At the same time, he began the morning by stating that he doesn't want to give up. And then he prayed over his body.