Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Don’t let the video fool you.  Tucker doesn’t fetch.  I took him for a walk minutes after Jordan reminded him of how it all worked. He ran to catch the ball, promptly deposited it on the nearest lawn and sat down to wait for me to come and retrieve it.  All the way down the cul de sac and back.  J
That’s probably been Jordan’s highlight and period of nausea reprieve.  This last round has been pretty rough.  We’re in no hurry to return.  And the doctor has agreed to hold off until next week.  Our PET scan is delayed until Friday morning to allow Jordan some recovery time.  We’re asking for a completely clear scan - the 5 tumours completely gone.  The doctor has said it’s not possible.  Somehow that made me more hopeful since God`s Word says with Him all things are possible.  He specializes in these situations. 
Just received word this weekend from my friend who had informed me last month on a 10 year old boy admitted to Childrens Hospital last month with a fever that resulted in a coma.  The medical staff ascertained that his brain had moved into a vegetative state gave him days to live, so we have prayed. He is the son of a mutual acquaintance from college.  We prayed and today he is making what they describe as a miraculous recovery.  He is walking, talking, playing, and I am sure, praising God.