Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Quiet Days are highly underrated

Beautiful day!

Jordan awoke early and made his way downstairs without help.  Ate 2 bowls of cereal and yogurt.  Recreated his lego machines on the floor in his sunny bedroom with Tucker at his feet and listening to the audio books of Sherlock Holmes.  He emerged from his room dressed in jeans and a button down dress shirt "just because I have had cancer, doesn't mean I have to live in pjs".  Jordan`s friend, Matt Keery came over and walked him through math homework and it all became ever so much clearer - Yahoo!  No mention of nausea - did I say Yahoo. All the while snacking and eating and thanking God for a good day.

Joel just serves and anticipates the needs of Jordan.  He finds hilarious stuff to watch and has ways of sliding food to Jordan in a way that doesn't resemble my pushy mom way. We'll miss him when he leaves Thursday.  So good to be able to just pop out with Kim for a few minutes.

My mind requires focus on the now and the anticipated goodness of God.  Being a planner, I lean towards the future but the pain and sorrow in planning to return to the hospital or deal with further chemo treatments or surgery is overwhelming.  And yet when I anticipate the worst, I'm not enjoying and trusting the grace that is provided each day.....specifically today.  I scramble to stand on truth and rehearse the miracles God has performed in the life of our family and friends.  I need to live in faith.  I was created to live by faith - to be a participant in miracles - as earth as it is in heaven.

Kim, as his habit, is immersing himself in Scripture and loving the expanded translation by Kenneth Wuest of the New Testament in the Greek.  Wow!  Jesus was serious about us as believers praying for the sick, freeing the oppressed and living miraculously.  Our world is aching for the miraculous.  We see the hunger in all the books, tv shows and movies around us.

So God, thank you for being soo much bigger and inviting us to take our place as children and ambassadors.