Sunday, 4 March 2012


It's as if in the middle of a sustained battle we have a reprieve.  Jordan has had a few close calls with nose bleeds which wouldn't stop - we'd have to go to the hospital for a transfusion.  It stopped when commanded to in Jesus' Name.  What a name!
Jordan right leg above the knee is still 10 cm larger than the left. It has decreased from weeks ago. As of yesterday it was down by 5 cm. Some of the lessening has been post biopsy swelling and chemo/prayer. We are not sure how much for each.  We're praying for complete restoration of the bone that was distorted along with the dissolving of tumours.
We have a PET scan date of March 21st.  PET scans provide the imaging of the tumours - or of in Jordan's case - the lack of.  It would provide the doctors with a map of if, where and how many surgeries would need to take place.
When Jordan went into the hospital he was 118 lbs at 5'11".  A lean growing machine. Yesterday morning he was 97 lbs.  So our goal is a pound a day :-).  And this morning he is 97.8.  Pretty good, huh? He is pushing through the nausea and lack of appetite to scan for what he could possibly eat throughout the day.  The way we jump to make it happen quickly reminds Kim of satisfying his pregnant wife with random and "urgent" food requests. On many an occasion, by the time we had the food available, he was unable to eat it....crazy.
Yesterday we celebrated by going as a family, with extended family and many of Jordan's friends to the Dr. Seuss movie "The Lorax".  Intense movies just don't work as well for Jordan right now.  It was fun to just be together.
We are so grateful for your agreement and support.
Here is a video: