Saturday, 10 March 2012

Kindness Everywhere

What an incredible thing to experience the kindness we have as a family.  The financial gifts are a constant reminder of the provision of God when we're in such a vulnerable position.  I am reminded of the conversation I had with God at the very beginning of this journey.  Late at night in bed, I asked Him how we would be able to make it with all the additional expenses and the need to take a break from work to support Jordan and each other.  So quickly the words came, "You're thinking like an orphan."  And I was.
When will my first thoughts be to expect the very best?  To know - as in the "experiential knowledge" that God has good things planned for us - for Jordan.  Fears are so close.  Jesus is closer. Jordan is living in the moment.
I awoke from a nap this afternoon with the verses "Be anxious for NOTHING ringing in my mind"...and "Don't worry about tomorrow".  So even though it feels irresponsible, I am choosing not to even think about what is next.  And what could be. It takes running after my thoughts sometimes and bringing them back to this moment.  Jordan sitting between Kim and I in front of the fireplace, worship playing "when my world is shaking, when my heart is breaking, I never leave Your hands, the hands that made the world, are holding me, holding me still".  He is so good.